Sunday, March 15, 2009

Category: Blood Gas - ACRONYM

The directions pH and HCO3 move with Alkalosis vs. Acidosis:

  • Respiratory move Opposite: pH is up, PCO2 is down (Alkalosis). pH is down, PCO2 is up (Acidosis).
  • Metabolic move Equal: pH is up, HCO3 is up (Alkalosis). pH is down, HCO3 is down(Acidosis).

Monday, March 2, 2009

Healthcare Education is stressful.
Memory tools don’t necessarily make learning fun but can add some lightheartedness to study time.

Category: Inhaled Medication - RHYMES & SONGS

End in ide or end in sone
Always an inhaled steroid.
  • budesonide
  • ciclesonide
  • flunisolide
  • beclomethasone
  • fluticasone
  • triamcinolone