Sunday, January 18, 2009

Category: Airway - ACRONYM

Describing Clinical Characteristics of a Tracheotomy Tube
Airway lumens
a) Single lumen
b) Dual lumen
c) Is connecting adaptor (15mmOD) removed with inner cannula out?

Brand & Composition
a) Company of manufacture
b) Metal – stainless steel, silver
c) Plastic – PVC, silicone

a) Cuffed or not cuffed
b) Inflated or deflated
c) Characteristics of the cuff (high vol low press, low vol high press, foam)

Diameter and Dimensions of tube
a) Inner diameter (I.D.)
b) Outer diameter (O.D.)
c) Length of tube (standard, short or long length)

a) Fenestration open
b) Fenestration closed
c) Position and construction of fenestration

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