Thursday, June 16, 2011

Category: Physical Assessment - BUNCHING


Rick Frea said...

Another thing to note that coarse lungsounds and rhonchi are one and the same.

Chemical Billy said...

One of the most overlooked part of cleaning homes is the jetted bathtub

Jetted bathtubs have about 15 to 20 feet of plumbing lines underneath the tub. These lines are full of warm stagnant water. This contaminated water forms what is called biofilm. Biofilm is full of bacteria and mold. Biofilm is resistant to chemicals not designed specifically to remove biofilm. The University of Bozeman Montana's Center for Biofilm Engineering has proven that bleach (sodium hypochlorite) can't penetrate biofilm, along with vinegar, dishwasher detergent etc. You must use a chemical specifically designed to remover biofilm to clean the tub.

What are the hazards of bathing in untreated water?
1) When the jets are turned on, you are breathing in high levels of mold and bacteria.
2) Large facilities like hotels run the risk of developing Legionnaires Disease.
3) You are bathing in very high levels of bacteria.
4) In hotels and resorts, patrons are literally sharing bath water from previous users.

Properly treated tubs should be as safe to bath in as the source/tap water. Bacteria levels in untreated tubs may have a plate count of 1,000,000 or so, and down to 100 if treated properly.