Sunday, December 7, 2008

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Three Free PDA (personal digital assistant) and Smart Phone Clinical References for both Palm OS or Microsoft Mobile.
If you already own a smart phone or PDA with a memory card, why not consider loading clinical references into your device. Having a clinical library in your pocket is like expanding your own memory.

ePocrates Rx
ePocrates Rx is a Peer-reviewed drug information resource. It is not quite like carrying the PDR around in your lab coat pocket but it is close. This is the free component of an extensive & comprehensive clinical suite available for the PDA. ePocrates Mobile CME and MedTools are also free resources. It is a relatively large program, but it worth the memory it eats up. It looks for updates whenever you sync your device keeping the reference up to date.

Merck Medicus
That’s right, a free Merck manual. MerckMedicus also provides an integrated set of useful medical resources for your PDA. Not as slick as some of the purchased comprehensive references and a bit heavy on memory use but definitely worth it.

MeisterMed and The Medical iSiloTM Depot
MeisterMed has a collection of freeware and commercial products that are designed for the iSilo document reader such as the AsthmaMeister. There is also an extensive collection of free medical iSilo documents on the web. The iSilo document reader trial is free and the full license is very reasonable.

Because of the enormous amount of information needed by Respiratory Care Practitioners during patient care and the increasing demand for that information at the bedside a technologic expansion of your memory can be a real asset.

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