Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Memory tools for Respiratory K.I.S.S. in this Blog:

  • BUNCHING or CHUNKING - To make it easier to remember a long list of almost anything, break the list into small and manageable groups, or "chunks." (Often in sets of 3, Triads/ Triplets)
  • ACRONYMS - You form acronyms by using each first letter from a group of words to form a new word. This is particularly useful when remembering words in a specified order. Acronyms are very common in ordinary language and in many fields.
  • SENTENCES/ACROSTICS - Like acronyms, you use the first letter of each word you are trying to remember. Instead of making a new word, though, you use the letters to make a sentence.
  • RHYMES & SONGS - Rhythm, repetition, melody, and rhyme can all aid memory.
  • TABLES & ALGORITHMS - Tables and algorrithms attempt to place information in organized grids and and flowcharts to assist with organization of information and decision making.
  • TECHNOLOGY - Smart phones and PDAs. Keeping a mobile library in your pocket and easy web resources.

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